What does it mean to live with a Canadien family and what are its advantages?

Homestay is an invaluable experience where you will have the opportunity of really submerse yourself into the Canadian customs, culture and life.  Homestay programs are an opportunity to live and be part of a Canadian family, in fact, you will be treated as a member of the family and expected to help around the house just as others members do. You will spend evenings and free time with your host family, having mealtimes and social time with them, and experiencing daily life in your host country.  One of the best ways to learn a new language is to be fully submersed into that culture.  In a homestay program, you will be required to converse in the native language of your host country, allowing you to improve your language skills.  Your host family will most likely be thrilled to help you practice English.  Having good language skills will make living in a foreign country far easier; you will be better able to explore the country and meet new people.

This program main purpose is to offer a support system while you adjust to a new country, promote language learning, cultural exchange between the family and the student and encourage friendship.

Enjoy your Canadian family!

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