Since Canada has developed a first class education system and this being recognized worldwide, Global SunTag is very proud to provide services to international students that want to study in Canada whether it is in an English language school or a High school.  These programs are available for students from ages 13 and up who want to learn or improve their English and experience the Canadian culture.

You can choose to study in a large city like Vancouver who has been consistently ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world or you could study in a small town like Squamish; a welcoming community that justifiable calls itself as “The Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada” for the great variety of outdoor activities that it has to offer.  If you like to skiing or snowboarding you could  study in Whistler, Host of the 2010 Olympics Games and North America’s top ranked sky resort during winter and arguably the world’s best mountain bike park in the summer.


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Global SunTag specializes in coordinating top quality, suitable and friendly host families for international students, young adults or working professionals while they study in their host country.  Our students want to experience life as part of a Canadian family and to learn English in a loving environment. Global SunTag knows that the experience of the international student in their new Canadian home is pivotal for the success of the program and this is why it offers a dedicated homestay service where the host family chosen open their doors and hearts to welcome the student as one of their own children.  A very special one!


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Global SunTag offers  Study Tours which are travel experiences that are designed to be fun while the students are learning.  A study tour may include a visit to a school, excursion to historic and cultural sites, enjoying the local cuisine, visit to museums or walking through historical areas of a town and even a recreational activity.

We visit Vancouver, Victoria, Squamish, Whistler and Seattle.


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Our summer camps for teenagers are language learning oriented.  The teenagers attending the summer camp will stay with us for 2 weeks in July and 3 weeks in August.

Our campers will enjoy:

English lessons half of the day and sightseeing or cultural events during the afternoon


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These programs are designed for relatives of the students while visiting Canada.  They are tailored to the tourist likes and needs.  We find accommodation and we plan visits to Vancouver, Victoria, Squamish, Whistler and Seattle.

Short Term Tourist Programs

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