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What School will I attend?

The International Education Department will suggest the school or institute for the student based on the information provided and space available at the different options.

Where will I live while studying in Canada?

Students will live with a Canadian host family which has been previously screened by Sun Tag.

What are the schools and where are they located?

We work with is the Coast Mountain Academy, located in Squamish and with Vancouver English Center, in Vancouver.

For how long can I stay studying?

Minimum 6 weeks to a year.

How do I obtain a study permit?

Study permits are issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Canadian Embassies and Canadian Consulate offices around the world. The first study permit a student receives must be applied for outside of Canada (typically in the student’s home country). A visitor’s visa will only permit a student to study in a program that is 6 months or less in duration.

What will happen if I get sick while living in Canada?

An international student will have to have a medical insurance provided by the educational program chosen.

What is the weather like in Canada?

The West Coast is very mild. Visit The Weather Network at: www.theweathernetwork.com to determine the current forecast in Canadian cities.

What is Canadian food like?

Canada is a very multicultural country and so the foods eaten can vary greatly. Every host family is different but students can commonly expect the following:
Breakfast standards are cereal with milk, toast, juice and coffee or tea. On the weekends, breakfast may be bigger and include eggs, pancakes, bacon, etc. Lunch will usually be packed by the student and consist of a sandwich or soup, a drink, some fruit and vegetables and snacks like cookies. Dinner is often multicultural with Italian, Mexican, German, British, East Indian or Asian dishes. Beef, chicken and fish are also common at dinner.

When can I arrive in Canada?

Students should plan to arrive a couple of days prior to starting school, to get settled in to living arrangements, adjusted to local time and get organized. There will be an orientation session every Monday they need to attend before the start of regular classes.

Who will receive my child when he/she arrives to the airport?

Global SunTag staff or your child’s host family will meet the student at the airport.

What should I pack to bring with me?

In addition to clothing and toiletries, students may want to bring mementos from home (pictures, flag, etc.) to help new friends and host families learn about where they’ve come from.

Can my family come to visit me while I study in Canada?

Yes, parents are encouraged to visit their children while studying in Canada. It is suggested that parents wait a few months to allow their child to adjust to their new environment and routines. Visiting family members must make arrangements for their own accommodations and Sun Tag can help with this.

If I leave Canada during my stay, can I return?

Yes, if the student’s passport and study permit are valid and have not expired while they are out of Canada they are able to return.

How do students travel to and from school?

They will require buying a monthly pass and this will allow them to use any of the transportation available: Transit bus, sea bus and subway.

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