Global SunTag is a unique international student recruitment agency which was founded with a clear objective: To assist international students to find the right English education program and the host family within the Canadian culture. Education has been recognized as a platform for the exchange of culture and intellect between two cultures.  In view of this, our service is designed to achieve dual benefit to the host family and the visiting guest.  With an office in Squamish, town that is located between the cities of Vancouver and Whistler, we represent some of Canada’s most prestigious and affordable educational institutions.

Founded in 2001 by Christian Oreamuno, a former Software Engineer back in his country, Chile, and a highly dedicated professional with an vast experience involving student placement that best suits their needs and recruiting host families that match the student’s profile to make it more personalized.

Global SunTag was born due to an opportunity that came up to present the Chilean market with a unique learning and cultural program. Knowing first hand that Canadians welcome people from abroad to their homes and love to learn from other cultures, Christian felt that this was an experience of great satisfaction and enriching for himself as well as the students and the host families.

Global SunTag experienced English-Spanish support team takes pride in providing personal attention to every international student placement.
Global SunTag’s services have evolved through the years running actively High School Programs, ESL Programs and Homestay Programs..

We take pride in providing highly personal attention to every international student home placement.

Global SunTag core values are integrity, dedication, commitment, accountability, encouragement, respect, knowledge, dynamic culture where we constantly seek new opportunities to learn and improve, to teach and to add value creating memorable experiences for all our clients. Global SunTag believes that what we offer changes people’s future in many ways for the rest of their lives.

We live up to the standard of excellence!

You can rest assure that Global SunTag’s expert staff will help you make an informed decision about where to study while reducing your anxiety about the process, the quality of education and the experience. We will support you with personalized service throughout your stay in Canada.