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Learning English in Canada it is not only fun and exciting but an excellent investment as well.

We place you with the best Homestays.  Because family matters, we work with caring, supportive, reliable and safe families.

Responsible and supportive custodianship.  It will assist you from when you start your application to when you leave back to your home country.

We offer English schools, we find homestay.  For students 18 years old and younger, we provide custodianship.

We tailor several other programs to satisfy our clients’ needs and likes.

This program offers you a great way to practice English in the comfort and security of a Canadian caring family.  They will help you to settle quickly in a comfortable safe environment where you will learn about the Canadian culture.  They will become your lifelong friends!

We organize study tours that are travel experiences  designed  to be fun while you are learning.  We visit places in Vancouver, Victoria, Squamish, Whistler and Seattle. Let us know what would you like to see and we will take you there!.

Don’t just study, live it

We make available to students a learning pathway to the English language, enriched by a global cultural experience that offers students more rewarding, inspiring and valuable learning opportunities that can engage their personal interest, passions and learning styles.


Thank you for choosing Global Suntag, it is our greatest pleasure to assist you with your homestay, schooling needs and recreation activities while in Canada. We will help you prepare for your future success. Our goal is to fill your life with learning, meaning, and value.

For 14 years we have helped hundreds of students and clients satisfy a variety of desires through new social and cultural experiencing with the many programs we have to offer.

Our alumni feel enlightened from their involvement and we see it as the ultimate compliment. We know that at the end of your program, you will feel the same way.

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